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Sticky post - Site links and status  
Last update: 6th November 2012

General Sites
Leverage Fan Media

Awards Sites
White Knight Awards for Xander Harris fic. Status: Winners Announced
Gotta Have Faith Awards for Faith LeHane fic. Status: Round Two Winners Announced!
Salt & Burn Awards for Supernatural fic. Status: Relocating - returning in 2011.
Fulcrum Awards for Leverage fic. Status: Round Two Winners Announced

Fic Archives
I Need a Parrot - Xander Harris fic. Open for submissions.
Effects of a Troubled Heart - Xander/Faith fic. Open for submissions.
Hand On Heart - Xander/Buffy fic. Open for submissions.
Spirit of the Heart - Xander/Willow fic. Open for submissions.
Key to the Heart - Xander/Dawn fic. Open for submissions.
Daughters of Sineya - Slayer fic. Open for submissions.

Hide - Christian Kane & Rachel Miner film
The Killing Room - 2009 film featuring Tim Hutton
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
The Town 2010 film featuring Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner
Universal Squadrons 2011 film starring Riley Smith, Willa Ford and featuring Christian Kane
Angel S2 Ep1 - Judgement
Fulcrum - Leverage Screencaps, seasons 1-4